Franchise Opportunity 

Move Removals – An Industry Leader in the Moving Industry 

Have you been looking around for business opportunities in South Africa that are ready to be owned and set up for success?

Move Removals has been taken by the hand by a Business Consulting firm that will assist you from start to finish on how to achieve success with the franchise opportunity. This is the best time ever to join our industry. Companies is making use of our services more reputably due to our excellent services, high standards, trust and excellent pricing. Move Removals is looking after all the public’s moving needs! You could too if you are interested in opening your own franchise.

We know and cater for the people that would also still have doubts if the moving industry would be the right opportunity. We can assure you that our industry is growing above-average pace. We also offer massive plug-in opportunities making it a Sound and a profitable investment. We live for our brand and upkeep our slogan : WE MOVE EVERYTHING. Therefor allowing you as a franchisee to offer the public a large variety of services.


Move Removals offers the community an moving opportunity to move everything they would want to move. We cater for Business to Business and Business to Personal needs. Making the opportunity much bigger. We are going to be pushing to be the biggest moving company in the country. So don’t miss your opportunity to be involved in the biggest brand in South Africa.


Move Removals has a complete management system on how to run the business. We even have business consultants and a marketing company that assist us in making your opportunity a turnkey opportunity. That will assist you in opening up a successful profitable company.


Move Removals and Successful Group will provide you with all the necessary training and support for you to focus only on the profits and ensuring that you have the know how of how to run your business successfully.

You will be equip with operational and training manuals, for ongoing training with your staff.

Trusted Brand

Over the years we have build a trusted brand. All of our clients knows that their safety comes first. We always assist, advice and help them to understand how important it is for their things to be moved with safety. Not having the proper moving materials could damage their goods and therefor we make triple sure that everything is handled with care.

Proven Model

Move Removals is a Proven Business Model. Where by we know that the need is there for people to move and therefor we also know that many people would make use of our franchisee’s. Our CEO of Move Removals is the perfect proof of our model and how he achieved success in his business. We don’t only move furniture, we move everything.

Target Market

Somewhere, sometime in your life you would have needed to or you wanted to move and did not know where to begin. Well Move Removals caters for all the people with moving needs. We assist with everything. Our main focus is on companies and residential moves making our target market, people between the age of  21 to 80.

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