Company Move

We offer vast or integrated services for companies inclusive but not limited to; specialized bar coding for loading and off-loading purposes, disassembling and assembling of office equipment, professional packing and wrapping as well office coordination.


We thrive in delivering quality service provision that assures your office equipment is moved with the upmost care within specified deadlines and client requirements. 


Our processes and procedures consist of pre-planning with company management and decision makers with the optimal outcome based results are executed whilst assistance through our services efficiently ensures the continuation of clients and companies operational and production levels are sustained and maintained during the moving process.

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Our specialized services additionally can provide that specific staff members and key management’s office specific equipment is bar coded, ensuring adequately placing of equipment to employment specific offices as allocated to site or office plan whereby if required we can also disassemble cupboards, equipment, desks and much more.

Our project planners set deadlines and making sure that the staff maintain the progress performance in accordance to specified deadlines and always follow our high standards and Policies and procedures.

A in death quote will be done as well as an entrance and exit inspection with the inventory list and etc. Offering you much more security and ensuring that you know where your furniture and equipment must go.

Companies is our priority ensuring safety and quality services.